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4:57CHARMERS | Season 1 | Blooper Reel
10:03CHARMERS | Ep. 8: “The Showdown”
10:04CHARMERS | Ep. 7: “Simon”
CHARMERS | Ep. 7: “Simon”Views 668K21 day ago
11:00CHARMERS | Ep. 6: “Forget Paris”
11:51CHARMERS | Ep. 5: “Ping Pong”
12:35CHARMERS | Ep. 3: “Team Spirit”


  • August 6 a day after my birthday

  • Ok im just starting this and like um it's not as cringe as I wanted it to be, the cast isn't as cringe, I need the cringe Edit: um okay it's still really cringe, but like I miss the old cast, and ngl I almost cried on the last episode last season

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  • Yesssssssssssssssir

  • Some people here are just don't act like they're age but of course they r Americans so ●_●

  • to be honest they should have just kept mani running. i love chicken girls but this is just mani part 2, and it’s not really “Chicken Girls” without the OG cast. i know that it would have probably ended because jules started “Side Hustle” and everyone went separate ways, but this ENTIRE show would have gone down in History if not for the last 2 seasons.

  • i have hope for this show

  • Always Attaway

  • Ooooooouuuuuuuuuu this looks good especially the promo ... it’s giving old school summer of ‘12 Disney movie with a dash of Nickelodeon IM HERE FOR IT !!!😩😩 makes me feel like the old days can’t wait 😊

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  • r we ignoring that musically queen halia is the main character

  • is season 8 over?

  • ♥️♥️🇨🇵🇨🇵

  • The duo we’ve been waiting for so. Halker or warmany?

  • Didnt realize that Lilia is only 15/16 in this...

  • Yayyyy my life is not finished thank u guyss

  • * sarcastic voice * i wonder if starbursts sponsored this video


  • Please we need a season 6

  • Is Crown Lake coming?😭

  • I don’t like how they made Luke the bad boyfriend bc he’s actually amazing and Ik I’m like years late 💀

  • why I am thinking here that sky and harmony are twins

  • I loved it. Can't wait for Season 9. But I also think that there was a huge missed opportunity (though more likely: it was not possible to coordinate it): The vast majority of the second half of the season was set in Crown Lake. Yet none of the "Stage Fright" cast even made a guest appearance. Only Principal Hauser was even mentioned. At least something I guess... I'm still hoping for another show set primarily at Crown Lake Academy (with little excerpts to the club and Attaway and Millwood (similar to what some other shows do to Crown Lake). Given the premise, a second season of "Stage Fright" might be highly unlikely, but another show featuring at least some of the cast?! What would be best would be the third part of a "Crown Lake Trilogy": Part 1: Crown Lake (set in 1993 - if I'm not remembering wrong) Part 2: Stage Fright (set in 2020) Part 3: ... (set somewhen between the late nineties and mid 2010's) Crown Lake introduced "Heather" and her/their grip on the student body (if not the whole school). In Stage Fright was no mentioning of "Heather". So I assume that her/their reign was ended somewhen between those shows And that's when the new show could take place. A new set of students who have to deal with "Heather", but eventually (preferably over many seasons) taking her/them down. The students could and should be, or at least feature some of the parents of some of later students and/or kids of previous ones. BRAT has usually been very good in linking its shows to each other, especially those set in different decades. Talking about links: It was never mentioned or established, but I think (well... hope) that it's too much of a coincidence: Tariq Brown played Evan St. Martin on "Crown Lake", Tiffany's big brother. But he also played [an] Evan in "Chicken Girls". My theory is that this "Evan" is also a St. Martin. The way I see it, there's two possibilities: 1) He's Tiffany's son, named in honor of her late brother. This would also present an opportunity to show an adult Tiffany. Maybe even her reuniting with the Adult Nelly, who we met in "Holiday Spectacular". 2) HE IS the same Evan, turned into a Vampire. Again, but stronger this time, linking "Chicken Girls" to "Red Ruby". This would also present sooo many opportunities for mini-crossovers, references, meet-ups and/or callbacks... Theory 2 could also be featured (even if just as a "minor" nod) in a second season of "Red Ruby" - which I really hope is coming (is it?).

  • Guys and were is Brittney. This is not a happy ending. I'm really gonna missed chicken girls 😭

  • God bless❤️

  • Trey in a bad acter sorry

  • Gap I am interested and up...😠😠😠😠

  • Sorry watching in cartoon cousin sister is not proven she owns them so that's why I stop💗💗💗💗

  • 💖💖💖💖💖

  • I don't watch all the cartoon cuz I know she gets sister a little bit red when she ex-boyfriend and her friends and she no proof of her friends your sister's and she owns them from her own friends she needs somebody to help her and pain and stuff you need her to be happy or sad that was I had to tell you oh sure she had to be proud and all her friends because she didn't have different boyfriends and she don't like what so sorry... 💖💖💖💖💖

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  • I never thought alejando would be on brat omg

  • movie or show?

  • Love it 😀

  • Omg Claire aka Eliana is cheating on jenzten

  • This was kinda giving me brobot vibes. Soo excited jenna is back tho.

  • love the fact that it’s coming out on my birthday

  • Yo,…this show sounds HYPE!!!!! Totally here on August 6th!!!! I can’t believe Jenna Davis is in it!!!!! I love her SM!!!❤️ Can’t wait!!!

  • God no Kayla then no show

  • This reminds me of brobot

  • I love crownake I watch all the season but with you make a nother season and this is sick and cool I interested 😎 👌

  • I feel sooooooooo bad for Gus..... he deserves better

  • Romelia

  • Same with



  • I am extremely sad the season is over 😭😭😭😭😭😭 BTW when is the new season gonna come out 😭😭😭😭😭😭

  • Finally the couple I wanted to see the most!!!! Walker and Harmony aaaahhhh 💗💗💗

  • No one: Not a soul: Luna: wash the car wash the car

  • If anyone remembers "hurry up TK" your a chicken Girls OG!!!!

  • The fact that the Seasons already over:(

  • Lol it’s the musically girl who belly danced

  • Are u making more episodes

  • Nice Sofie dossi prt 2

  • Does anyone know the name of the song that played when rhyme was Ronnie and drake

  • so excited for this new show can't wait

  • I love this but the demon thing scared me

  • Do i have to what mani before wathing this

  • good luck have fun is a good show

  • What happened to txuamy aka brittany

  • Abad beginning has a good ending all this chicken girls have gone through alot but at the end everything is well with "the ball"

  • only watching this to laugh at lol

  • omg maybe YES OR NO this feels like photograph

  • hope this is like old chicken girls !

  • If someone ever told me “u mind if i stay in ur room?” I woulda said “yes i mind!! But i dont mind u leaving my home-“

  • I'm sorry but Addisons brother isn't cut out for acting he's really bland

  • I can't believe that sofi dosi was in brat tv. I meen the girl who was working at juniare the girl with the red shart

  • Anyone notice the rubix cube was solved when pk came around the corner. But when he showed Claire it was mixed up. 🤨🤔

  • well annie and hadey has a YT chanel

  • Ale!!!

  • Lauren is so nice either way

  • Whenever there is movie or shortfilm something the whole squad son it . I love it

  • The juniors that Hamilton and Quinn were waiting for Rooney at was not the same juniors as before

  • Omg,can't wait for season 2